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Awesome Features

Easy to use

Screen Sharing with OliOli couldn't be simpler! Get started quickly, OliOli uses your phone number to find your friends instantly!


OliOli uses the latest technology to provide a fast and secure Screen Sharing experience.

Free and Unlimited

Unlimited calls all for free!

How OliOli Works

OliOli - Screen Sharing

Never remember a password again! Quickly login with one of the following options:

  • SMS Login
  • Facebook Login (Coming Soon)
  • Google Login (Coming Soon)

OliOli uses your contact list to automatically find your friends. No need for usernames or pins.

To share your screen, simply tap on the person you wish to share you screen with!

See your friends screen in real-time. Enabling you to colaborate or teach remotely anywhere in the world!

In seconds you can share your screen with anybody! Enabling you to collaborate in Realtime in any app from anywhere.

OliOli for Apps

Use the OliOli for Apps SDK to quickly and easily add screen sharing in your app! Give your customers the support they deserve.

OliOli - Screen Sharing

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